Saffron of Gargano

Saffron Rosso Carminio is produced on the sweet hills of the National Park of Gargano, in the area called "Pantano di Sant' Egidio", respecting a sustainable agriculture.
This unique saffron, the only kind in the Mountain of the Sun, known also as Gods' Gold, is obtained by the stigmas of Crocus Sativus L. flowers. These violet flowers are manually picked in october at the early morning light, then stigmas are manually picked from each flower and dried in the same day to preserve all the properties of this wonderful product, obtaining a first category spice (Quality Certificate ISO/TS 3632-1:2011).

The Italian saffron is a product of excellence recognized all over the world. Almost everywhere in Italy there are saffron cultivations, but the final products have different organoleptic properties due to a different soil, a different climate and, last but not least, due to a different production process. Therefore, the Italian saffron is not all the same. In Abruzzo and San Gimignano they use roasting saffron with wood, in Sardinia they moisten the saffron with olive oil.

The Rosso Carminio firm follows strict rules to produce its unique Zafferano Rosso Carminio:

  1. annual rotation of coltivation lands to not impoverish the soil and constant care of saffron plants;
  2. using only natural manure of dung;
  3. drying, not roasting, the spice in special dryers as soon as the stigmas are manually picked, in the same day of the flowers picking, to obtain a high quality product, recommended for high gastronomy because it is not contaminated by wood smell and resins;
  4. following all the sanitary regulations in force (HACCP);
  5. packing by hand the spice in glass jars to keep pistils intact;
  6. working hard and with passion, even many hours a day, to complete all the production process in one day: from picking the flowers to packing the pistils.

We follow all these rules for safeguarding consumers' health and preserving the natural scent and flavour of the saffron.

Martino Francesca Agricultural Firm

71013 San Giovanni Rotondo (FG)
VAT 03969650716
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