How to use saffron stigmas in cooking

utilizzo zafferano in pistilliHow to use saffron stigmas in cooking

The quantity of saffron to use in cooking is 6-7 stigmas per person. To make a saffron risotto for 4 persons (300 grams of rice) you need 0,2 grams of saffron stigmas, approximately a generous tea-spoon.


The saffron stigmas must never be added directly in the food, but they have to be put in infusion first.

  • Mix saffron stigmas in a cup with two table-spoons of hot water (never boil it). Instead of water you can use broth or milk according to recipe.
  • Cover and leave it in infusion for few hours, better if in a water bath (bagnomaria).
  • If you want to shorten the infusion, you can powder the saffron, in this way it will take from 10 to 20 minutes to get ready.
  • To powder the saffron you just need to press it with your fingers in a sheet of cooking paper or with a meat pounder.
  • Pour everything in the pot, including stigmas. Never cook saffron! It is always better to add it after cooking to keep its best taste and flavour.


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