Bulbs of Saffron Crocus Sativus L.

The bulbs of Saffron Crocus Sativus L. Rosso Carminio are for food use of the spice. Many bulbs for sale on the market are sold at very affordable prices, but they are only for ornamental use of plants.
We produce a high- quality saffron (download the quality certificate). Each bulb goes from 2,5 cm to about 4 cm in diameter and may produce 3/5 flowers (as in our cultivation).
These bulbs come from central Italy, by the CROCUSBANK project, an European project to safeguard crocus from its genetical mutation.

All you need to know about bulbs quality to start your saffron cultivation.

Bulbs are not all the same, even if they are Crocus Sativus L. as well. For this reason we advise you to don't buy dubious origin bulbs, when the producer doesn't indicate their specific use: food production. Most of the bulbs from foreign countries have been treating with fertilizers and hormones to increase flowers production in the first year. These are considered like ornamental plants: they don't observe limits of chemical residues provided for food-stuffs.

We pick up our bulbs in June, at the beginning of summer, when the horns are going to sleep, we let them dry and then we send them to our clients between mid-July and mid-August. We prepare the packets according to when orders arrive. We accept any order only after the payment of the total amount (we advise you to make the order as soon as you can to make sure you'll have all bulbs you need)..

We sell the bulbs in number rather than weight, since this last one could make much difference to the total cost for big orders. In fact the weight of each bulb change from any other because of its different drying level, its level of cleanliness from soil and tunics and its size (factor linked to productivity and therefore to the blooming potential).
The bulbs we sell are explanted in the nursery, where small sized bulbs are let to grow for one year to get ready to bloom the year after.
To help you in your saffron cultivation, with the supply of bulbs we offer you our know-how and advices, just contact us by mail or by phone.
The following prices are for small orders for small and medium saffron cultivations, but, if you would like to start a bigger cultivation with many more plants, you can ask for a free quotation.



Total Cost


€ 16,00


€ 35,00


€ 60,00


€ 110,00

Price above include VAT end transport.

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